donderdag 9 januari 2014

Sweet Cicely recipe

An ancient and healty Dutch dish with Myrrhis odorato as the main ingredient .

The recipe for 4 pers.

300 gr . barley .

sausage or meat of your choice .
Meat is not necessary, just a salty surprise is nice.
300gr. raisins.
1 liter buttermilk.
pinch of salt.
sour cream is nice, but not necessary.

Many sweet cicely ( Myrrhis odorata ) is essential ( ± 6-8 large branches )
And further, herbs, depending on what's growing in the garden, or buy them.
Lemon balm.
Nettle peaks.

Boil the barley, and meat in plenty of water. The barley swells.The idea is that it is a kind of thick soup .

In the end add the chopped herbs and let it warm up for a moment.
The dish can be cooked well in advance, because it does not have to be warm.
The buttermilk cannot be added to the hot ingredients, without the risk of curdling. So make sure it has cooled down enough.
Determine the thickness, by adding more or less. ( Buttermilk and / or water )

You can vary the ingredients at your own will.

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